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Richard King
Havant, Hampshire, U.K.
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Richard King's Regressions and Lorelei’s involvement and comments in
”Past Life Tourism – Gateway to Bridging Your Past and Future”
by Barbara Ford-Hammond

Havant, Hampshire, 20th October 2007

Richard King is a Chartered Engineer, Healer and Psychic, living in Havant, Hampshire.

Richard contributed two regressions, to past lives, for Barbara Ford-Hammond’s new book “Past life Tourism – Gateway to Bridging your Past and Future” (Mirage Publishing), the regressions taking place at Barbara’s house in Newton Valence, Hampshire.

Richard’s journey to seek business support for his esoteric involvements and the publication of his own autobiographical book “Remembering Lorelei” had taken him out of Hampshire, to
Business Link Sussex/Sussex Enterprise and elsewhere. It was the businesswoman who offered that support who was in the first life to which Richard regressed. There are links between then and now, including the gift from Marcus Browning (Richard) to the Countess, at her sixty-second birthday party in 1799, and her support and advice in this lifetime. The true identity of Richard’s advisors will be revealed on the acknowledgements page of “Remembering Lorelei”.

Lorelei, Richard’s discarnate Soulmate, was present throughout, not only, occasionally, contributing to the guidance provided by Barbara Ford-Hammond but also appearing in both lives, as Emma Browning at the Countess’ birthday party and Melanie in the “holiday” lifetime centred on Syracuse, two or three millennia earlier. Barbara asked for Richard's comments and further thoughts, after the regression. these were provide, along with the results of Internet research, particularly concerning the second lifetime to which he regressed.

At the invitation of Barbara, Lorelei contributed a comment on the regression of Barbara’s journalist friend and colleague Andrea Wren. Andrea’s previous life overlapped her present life which led some to suggest that she was a split Soul. Lorelei’s views were somewhat different and appear towards the end of Barbara’s book.

Sylvie Lucas, Richard’s Healer colleague and editor of his book “Remembering Lorelei”, also appears in “Past Life Tourism”, along with Richard Lucas, her discarnate Romani husband. Sylvie is also a resident of the Borough of Havant, specifically, Waterlooville.