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As you will see from My Other Web Sites, I have interests outside engineering. In tourism terms the regions to gain most are the South and East of England, particularly Hampshire, Sussex and Essex; though German tourism would also gain a great deal, especially in relation to the existing Tourism Region on the River Rhine, including the Lorelei Rock, Bacharach and Black Forest areas of Germany, a region which has long been part of the Grand Tour of Europe tradition.

I was concerned that knowledge of my non-engineering side would damage my engineering career. For reasons explained on those Sites (particularly the original Sites with the linone.net addresses) that is no longer of any great importance.

That side, aspect, of me is far more valuable than my engineering career could ever have been and relates to literature and film, as well as tourism. Because of the unique German connection, it is considered to be worth at least a ten percent increase on local tourism. It is not a personal opinion but that of very senior, experienced business people. Unfortunately, apart from a meeting with an Economic Development Officer at Hampshire County Council, I am having to go outside Hampshire to develop it.

Those figures mean that we are worth £8 million per year to Havant alone and, since Hayling Island accounts for eighty percent, or more, of Havant's tourism income, several million Pounds for Hayling Island. Some of the story of Lorelei and I took place on Hayling Island, though so much more happened in Havant and elsewhere, it could redress the tourism income balance of Havant Borough somewhat, less in proportion for haying Island but more, much more, for Havant as a whole.



The background arguments and underlying figures have been discussed with many people. These will be expanded on and published on the Internet in due course. In the meantime, the loss to Britain and Germany, particularly the South of England, is, on the estimates based on those discussions, running at between £400 million and £700 million per year.

What does Hampshire, along with certain business organisations and Local Authorities in the County have against helping to develop that business for the County and elsewhere?

With the exception of one Hampshire County Council Officer, who was as helpful as he could be, the only positive attitudes I have found in the County are at the Chambers of Commerce. He advised me to go to a, mostly, publicly funded organisation which he said, he knew, would assist me to develop and write a business plan. Though I took his advice, that organisation would not provide the help I was told it would and which it accepts public money to provide, and which I knew it should provide. Hence the need to seek assistance and advice from business organisations in other Counties, along with the extra time, costs and traveling involved.

I am not alone in being unable to obtain advice, assistance and support in Hampshire, though I can quantify, fairly accurately, my own losses and, more importantly the losses to the region, the Country and, as far as my tourism interests go, to Germany; and they are very considerable.

Welcome to business advice and support in Hampshire, UK.

On the positive side, the aforementioned Hampshire County Council Officer, as well as readily seeing the commercial implications for the region, believed I would would get past the present situation and only needed a good, maybe even only reasonable, publicity break for it to take off in a more or less unstoppable sense. It is a pity he is, effectively, a one off in the County, apart from the Chambers of Commerce, at least so far.

The situation is sufficiently strange that I have been urged, on a number of occasions, by high level business opinion both within Hampshire and outside the County, to go outside of Hampshire for assistance. Unfortunately other commitments and, more recently, personal family matters (described on my other Web Sites) have slowed me down somewhat.

If you are broad minded enough to be able to accept non-physical matters, plus the unique added extra, please explore My Other Web Sites, otherwise it would be better to stay with this one.

Should you choose to explore, please note that, whatever you think of what you find, I am a Member of the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN); attended the SMN "Mystics and Scientists Conference" at King Alfred's College, Winchester, early in 2004, and expect to this year (2005); I have attended numerous other SMN Meetings and, in April 2004, attended a Conference at Kings College Hospital, London, organised by the Esoteric Group of The Royal College of Psychiatrists. (I am acceptable to a number of Fellows of The Royal College of Psychiatrists and will be contributing several weeks of esoteric experiences I had during the summer of 2004 to the research of one of those Fellows; those will be explained on My Other Web Sites in due course, especially my Journaling and Psychic Engineer Web Sites.)