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Hayling Island Second Bridge

In the Tuesday 23rd March issue of "The News" (Portsmouth) there was an article by Elise Brewerton, "Campaigners are hoping to get funding for a second Hayling island bridge to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists to cross to the Island" . The irony is that there could have been a Second Hayling island bridge a decade ago as described on the Second Hayling Island Bridge page of this web site as well as the Second Hayling Island Bridge page of my RLK Associates web site. However, that opportunity to build the bridge, using European funds for a second generation technology demonstrator bridge, in composite materials, came just after the demise of my Technology Diversification Centre Project, due to mismanagement and worse on the part of Havant Borough Council, from the results of which the Council ran away; confirmed by The Well-Wisher, a high ranking former Havant Borough Council Officer, followed by a cover up and Havant Borough Council being scared witless of me being in the public domain.

Engineering, Tourism and the Esoteric

With regret I have found Hampshire hostile to business development and progress since 1998, when a project that I had spent five years setting up met an untimely demise after being taken from me.

Fortunately, I have a second, more lucrative career to turn to, though it is coming much later than it would have done in more positive circumstances. This started to develop in 2005 with what turned out to be an abortive television programme contribution when I met Barbara Ford-Hammond and in May 2006 when I met Sylvie Lucas for the first time.

Barbara Ford-Hammond is a hypnotist, therapist, muse, etc. Hence the television connection, which was for a programme which included progressions to future lives. the recording I made with Barbara was not used; neither were two others she recorded. for that Barbara is thankful as the programmes were, according to her, atrocious.

Sylvie Lucas is a Healer and Crystal Therapist, among other things. Our lives and stories have become intertwined, with us both being in Barbara's new book, "Past Life Tourism - Gateway to Bridging Your Past and Future", Mirage Publishing, published in September 2007, along with Andrea Wren, the journalist who published the story of Sylvie and Richard Lucas, her spirit husband. The story of Sylvie and Richard Lucas is published in the August 2007 edition of "Take a Break, Fate and Fortune".



There could and should have been a great deal in the public domain before we reached 2007, many years before.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, Hampshire and the South of England generally has lost a several hundred million Pounds for each year since 1999, compared with what could have been: a direct result and reflection of the lack of business acumen, ability and development assistance in the region.

I had hoped to use my position as Director of the Technology Diversification Centre, for which my proposal won European funds, or rather a larger version of it at a London University, with the likely to certain title (it had already been discussed) of Associate or Visiting Professor, to launch my esoteric career in parallel.

The University was well aware of this and had not problem with the situation, especially as it would have meant a massive influx of sponsorship funds. The University was broad minded in that respect and, in any case, there was already a Professor in residence with a reputation for being a little eccentric, though for different reasons.

Not only have I had to go outside Hampshire for business advice and support (with the sole exception of the Chambers of Commerce) but out of the Country, in effect to a Satellite Television Company in the United States, for such a major development as that on the horizon.

Part of my contribution to the Discovery television Programmes was recorded in Havant during June 2005. that included having the ground floor of my house turned into a television studio for several hours, as well as filming outside the house.

At a minimum Havant will be known worldwide and Hampshire more so. It is a great pity there are not positive connections with the situation rather than very negative ones. The former would have been so much easier and far less costly to business in Havant, Hampshire, the South of England, plus Germany and elsewhere.