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The Tourism Page (Tourism Interests) is only for those who can make a substantial leap beyond what are usually regarded as the limits of Science and Engineering. The same applies to my Non-Engineering Web Sites (My Other Web Sites). What is in those pages and Web Sites is of enormous value to Havant, Portsmouth, Hampshire, the South of England and Germany, especially from a tourism and business point of view. Specifically, it is estimated, on the basis of very experienced business opinion, to worth hundreds of millions of Pounds.

Paradoxically, and unfortunately, I am having to go outside of Hampshire to develop that business. there have been delays, for a number of reasons, including a personal one (see my Journaling Web Site when established, or my new Personal Web Site) but I expect to resume work on those matters with Sussex Enterprise/Business Link Sussex in the very near future.

With regret, I have not found the immediate area where I live, or the County of Hampshire, as a whole, very helpful in terms of developing my business interests. In fact it has been quite hostile. The sole exceptions so far, have been the Chambers of Commerce and a solitary County Council Economic Development Officer.

A recent (September 2004) meeting with a local organisation, which I was told (by the County Council Economic Development Officer) would assist me develop a business plan, free of charge, was a complete waste of time. Just afterwards, in response to my description of that meeting, a very senior local business person, who is well aware of my background and present circumstances, as well as the value of my other aspect, connections, to the region, said, "Go with Sussex". Regrettably that is not the best advertisement for Hampshire but it is certainly not of my choosing.

My need to resort to the Internet and a relative proliferation of Web Sites, still in the process of building is not the best advertisement, either.